Hedgerows are an important part of our landscape and are afforded protection in England and Wales under the Hedgerows Regulations (1997). Barry was part of the steering group commissioned by DoE to develop a method for assessing the importance of hedgerows for the legislation. His interest in hedgerows continued when he edited the second edition of the Defra-funded Hedgerow Survey Handbook (2006) and most recently as part of his PhD research into botanical indicators in woodlands and hedgerows.

This has resulted in a novel approach to hedgerow survey and interpretation (HEDGES - Hedgerow Ecological Description, Grading and Evaluation System) that has implication for developments likely to impact on hedgerows. For More information ....

In addition to doing Hedgerows Regulations Surveys and dealing with planning applications involving hedgerows as a commercial activity, Barry is actively promoting local volunteer groups to study their local Hedgerow Heritage. In fact Barry hopes to launch a Charity later this year call 'Hedgerow Heritage' to develop this part of Dryad Ecology. He runs training courses for volunteer groups.