As an experienced ecologist Barry has developed a number of novel and better survey methods for a number of species as well as for habitat recording description and evaluation:

  • PHASE 1.5 - Preliminary Habitat Assessment, Survey and Evaluation. A more detailled and informative system of habitat recording that translates to standard Phase 1 but gives the client extra information to resolve issues and develop mitigation.

  • HEDGES - Hedgerow Ecological Description Grading and Evaluation System. A novel multi-level survey and evaluation method compatible with the Hedgerows Regulations 1997 but can provide enough detail to allow hedgrows to be replicated a new locations as mitigation. This includes replicating any woodland ground flora (See Wright and Rotherham 2015).

  • WOODS - Woodland Overview and Objective Description System. This system studies woodlands in detail to determine their status and identify sensitive areas that may be avoidable for a proposal to affect the woodland.

  • TREES - Tree Recording and Ecological Evaluation System. An evaluation system to identfy notable trees that may be either ancient, veteranised (dmaged or showing signs of decline) or both and develop mitigation strategfies to protect the current stock and prepare for the future.

  • BATPODS - A method to monitor the dirctional movement of bats along linear features like hedgerows

  • BATCAMS - Infrared night vision system to record emergence/ re-entry to roosts as evidence of active roost occupation. More information ....