Great Crested Newt eats cow!

Having read a few articles about using baited traps to increase the possibility of detecting and recording more accurate numbers of GCNs in ponds we tried a quick experiment at one of our sites. We set 18 traps using three treatments - No bait (control) - Dried beef (re-hydrated in the water - Live earthworms. These were alternated around the pond.

Results. Out of the six traps from each treatment the controls had 2 GCNs, the ones with worms had 3 and the beef had 11! REEE-Sult! This included one trap with 5 large females in a beef baited trap. That's added the cost of some minced beef to our next quote for a bottle trapping suite! It was organically reared beef from our local farm shop. Very discerning newts we have in Yorkshire.

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