Waxcap Fungi

Waxcap fungi are becoming an increasingly threatened wildlife issue. Their habitat is mainly in unimproved grassland that are usually grazed or mown. Some species occur in shaded positions, but are open habitat species. The range across the entire country and up into the hills and mountains on suitable grass swards.


They are colouful and easy to see when fruiting, mainly in the autumn, but they are impossible to see at other times of year and are potentially threatened by a number of potentially damaging or destructive processes.

1 - Ploughing up of old grassland

2 - removal to make way for developments

3 - Agricultural improvement of grassland involving fertiliser applications and the use of herbicides and other pesticides

4 - under grazing - waxcaps are small and may live underground, but will have difficulty producing fruiting caps to facilitate spread and other colonisations.