• Internal/ external building and structure inspections, including the use of endoscopes.

  • Emergence/ re-entry surveys using infrared recording equipment.

  • Transect surveys.

  • Monitoring of landscape-scale activity using BATPODS (static pairs of detectors to monitor directional movement of bats along hedgerows etc. and count bat numbers accross the detectors). See Inovations

  • Ground-based inspection of trees.

  • Preparing and supervising both non-licensed and licensed method statements for bat mitigation works.

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  • Scoping for threats to GCNs.

  • Habitat Suitability Index assessment.

  • Bottle trapping - including using non-invasive floating traps and baited traps.

  • Torch searching.

  • Egg searching.

  • Late season netting and bottle trapping.

  • eDNA sampling.

  • Terrestrial habitat surveys.

  • Non-licensed Method Statements (NLMS) to allow work to proceed if there are judged to be no offences committed.

  • Mitigation licences to allow work to proceed under Natural England European Protected Species Licensing (EPSL).



  • Live trapping od small mammals. Population density estimates and monitoring using 'Longworth traps'

  • Hiring of Longworth traps for your projects. Please contact us to discuss